The Hound Welfare Fund is making news around the hunting community.

Garden and Gun magazine promoted our 2009 fundraiser in its April/May 2009 edition. Read it in Goings-on in the South and Beyond.

The sporting newspapers In and Around Horse Country and Tally Ho have featured stories about the HWF and its successful fundraisers, as well as about Iroquois members support for the idea of hound retirement. A third publication, the equestrian magazine Sidelines, also had an article that mentioned the HWF. In and Around Horse Country alone has a circulation of 30,000, so that put the HWF message in a lot of mailboxes!

Here are some sound bites:

Proceeds go to food and veterinary care for injured or retired hounds while they live out their days romping around 20 acres of fenced pasture and woods on a farm in Clark County (yes, a real farm, not that one in the sky). In the auction’s 10 years, the single highest bid came in at $38,000 for an Andre Pater pastel portrait, featuring none other than Iroquois Captain, one of the program’s first retirees.

– From Garden and Gun

Dignity is high on our list of considerations – as well as not letting them suffer. You can see it in their eyes when it’s time to let them go. We want a better end for our hounds.

– Jerry Miller, interviewed in In and Around Horse Country

None of the HWF committee members receive payment, and the fund has been meticulous in its efforts to get overhead costs for fundraising – such as postage, printing, and similar items – donated. As a result, all donations go straight to the hounds’ care.

– From Tally Ho

The fund ensures that Iroquois hounds will retire to their own kennels after providing seasons of sport. We see them as puppies, young entry, followed their careers, and we’re happy to give them a full life. It’s good for hunting, good for our hounds.

– From Sidelines

The Hound Welfare Fund exists. The template is available. Get involved so that retired hounds’ hunt servants all – can sing their songs and dream about their glory days a la chasse.

– From In and Around Horse Country

We couldn’t have said it better ourselves!

The Numbers Are In…

The HWF’s 2009 dinner and silent auction raised about $27,000, a gratifying sum considering this year’s economy. The event packed Iroquois Hunt Club headquarters at the Grimes Mill outside Lexington. Clearly, the HWF faithful were not deterred by thunderstorm that spawned a tornado across the county line!

The HWF silent and live auctions got a special lift from a group of well-known sporting artists who donated pieces for the first time. They included several of Great Britain’s most popular and influential artists: John King, Charles Church, Hazel Morgan, and Peter Curling all were first-time donors. The Stateside newcomers this year were led by Sally Moren, and, as always, many of our stalwart American-based art donors including Sandra Oppegard, Andre Pater, Salina Ramsay, and Anna-Laura Codell brought in some big bids for the hounds!

Thanks to everyone, donors and buyer alike, for making it another successful event. And check back in for more HWF events before the year is out! Hint: isn’t it about time for Harlequin’s gold watch party? Watch this space!